Hope you’re all doing super well during this crazy time! We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces after lockdown. Here’s a few facts and a bit of info about how we are currently operating during the lockdown period and how the online ordering works.

🧡 We do NOT send ANY chilled products during this period. So no boerewors, any chilled meat cuts, or koeksisters.
🧡 We courier NZ wide, if you’re anywhere in NZ, we can send to you.
🧡 We do not deliver the goods ourselves, we make use of PBT’s amazing services and we ask that you please be patient with the couriers and all other essential workers during this time, they are putting their lives on the line to supply a service and your parcel might take a little longer to get to you than usual, but hey all good things are worth waiting for 😉
🧡 We have stock limits at the moment, so if you order certain quantities of an item and don’t receive it, please don’t get upset. We are doing our very best to share the love (and products) at the moment so everyone can get a bit of goodness during this time. We do not condone panic buying whatsoever, no exceptions made.
🧡 We have limited lines at the moment as we are waiting on suppliers for stock replenishment, this means you might not get everything you ordered, this is temporary and we will be back in stock on everything as soon as possible.
🧡 Keep an eye on our page for when order runs open and cut offs are, we send out orders once a week. Our next order run will be after Easter.
🧡 If we don’t immediately reply to your order/message, please be patient, we get a very large amount of orders and messages and we have a system in place, we reply as we process the orders which means we might take a day or so to reply, also, we generally don’t work on Sundays so will be unlikely to reply then.

If you have any other questions, please leave it in the comments and we will get back to you!

Stay safe! ❤️