Quality over quantity

Here at The Lekker Shop we are all about providing high quality products to our clientele.

All our small goods are handmade in small batches by the passionate father-and-son duo, Giliame Snr. and Giliame Jr. to guarantee consistency. None of our products are mass produced.

We use high quality cuts of grass-fed meat along with our own traditional spice blend recipes to provide unique and full flavoured products.
We avoid using fillers and unnecessary additives, making the majority of our products paleo friendly. 

High quality customer service is provided by the mother of the business, Rita, who has many years of customer service experience and a love for people, and daughter Karisma, who is passionate about the marketing and promotions and online side of the business.
Visit us at 1 Grasslands Place, Frankton, Hamilton for a true South African experience. #lekkermanlekker